At Blank Etiquette, we’re not fond of the strain that traditional fashion cycles put on the planet. That’s why we do things a little differently here. Each month, a single item will be launched exclusively at our Onlinestore. At the end of six months, in January and July, our pieces are ready as a collection for showrooms and buyers. We refuse to fall into the void of mass production and consumption, so each item is produced in limited quantities to ensure quality, individuality, and conscientiousness. Each product is a piece of art that’s made to last as much as it’s made to be loved. We only use deadstock, recycled, and otherwise sustainable fabrics in highly curated patterns and fabric combinations. Through these measures, we at Blank Etiquette aim to make a positive impact on the planet, by maintaining our philosophy of eco-friendly designs that produces as little waste and as small of a carbon footprint as possible.