Elise Rolot

I'm Elise, from Belgium, I moved to Berlin in 2010 where I created my up-cycled clothing brand in 2014.

Through my work I want to support the idea of a more sustainable clothing industry that's why all of my designs are made exclusively from organic and up-cycled fabrics. Those up-cycled fabrics can be anything, from curtains to duvet covers, that can be used to create a nice and original garment.
The up-cycling process brings me to discover and work with many different kinds of materials which are always different from each other in shape or size. For every new piece that I make, I need to find the most efficient way to use the fabric so I also started to develop patterns that fit in a square shape to minimise fabric leftovers.
I make the patterns and sew each garment myself in my atelier/shop Studio Hertzberg in Berlin-Neukölln. My collections are made of unique pieces or pieces produced in only a few exemplars, mostly independent from the trends of the season.

Old becomes new and I give unwanted and forgotten materials a second beautiful life!