Hadas Hinkis

Hadas Hinkis designs accessories for the hedonistic, peaceful party of our future selves.
She imagines a world where individuality and self-expression go hand in hand with co-operation, where sexual shame and misuse has been resolved in a way that allows the true sensuality of our bodies to be fully enjoyed.

Using latex, a material mostly explored by the fetish industry, she aims to reintroduce it as a viable day-wear material. Its character and texture are special, and there is no reason to confine it to only one type of use. Tree rubber is completely natural, and many people enjoy its soft touch on the skin, furthermore it has a sculptural quality and is extremely versatile in its applications.

One of the most interesting techniques developed in Hadas Hinkis Studios is the Sea Slug folding technique, presented here in transparent pink and baby pink. For this piece many layers of the thinnest possible latex sheeting are used, and the way it is folded creates a lively volume and shape, while staying extremely soft and body friendly. This piece was developed to re-trigger those numb finger tips who have been touching flat screens all day.
This piece can be worn as two cuffs, as a neck piece or with an extension to decorate one's majestic head.
Soon available in the shop as a body harness.

@hadas_hinkis on Instagram is there to showcase creative projects, old as well as new, which give further insight into Hinkis' broader creative aspirations and visual visions. She would love if you joined the conversation.