HE is Emanuela Holder, a German fashion designer based in Berlin, who, unlike many fashion designers in the field, has followed an unconventional academic and professional trajectory. Her Business and Anthropology background has cultivated, nurtured, and strongly influenced the creative path into fashion design over many years. HE designs mainly for women (though limited pieces for men are also available) and strives for an inclusive, respectful, and sustainable approach during the entire cycle of design, development, and production.
HE creates and manufactures dresses, t-shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, cardigans and coats using high-end dark and silver fabrics. Most of them are natural fabrics such as cotton, silk or wool, locally sourced from Germany and EU and often part of available dead-stock. HE is very keen on supporting and promoting high sustainability standards. Each piece of garment is available in only few, common sizes, and only in low quantities. Customization, as well as free repairs during the first six months of purchase, are intrinsic attributes that define the slow fashion brand.
HE will maintain in-house, handcrafted, production. The small quantities that are on stock mean that each garment is endowed with singular quality and character. Upscaling the manufacturing process is not part of the agenda of HE, as the sustainability aspect, as well as the whole philosophy and meaningful incentive of creating outstanding slow fashion will be affected by it negatively.

For any inquiries please contact us as follows:
Emanuela Holder
Grüntaler Str. 88
13357 Berlin