House of Bermuda

Our journey begins with…

...SELF-EXPRESSION, which gives the power to speak with and without your voice, no meter if you think differently from the stereotypes. Thinking different gives you the freedom to withstand any form of SOCIAL DEFINITION; that was the inspiration and the concept of the Creative Director / Founder Enri Tivari who fully filled his dream to build a fashion label, a brand in an avant-garde style, to express these ideas throw a fashion of NO DIFFERENCE, NO STEREOTYPES, just LOVE.

These statements are the three angles, combined to create the brand, communicated by the Visual Designer / Co-Founder Darius Wenzeck, who expresses this moto throw his art. The House of BERMUDA's mindset about fashion was visually described and then meticulously
minimalized into the symbol of a triangle. These are our elements united; the triangle is complete; our triangle is unique; this is our SYMBOL.

The art relation between the co-founders is finalized in Berlin, HOUSE OF BERMUDA (HOB), which is the house of our concept, the moto, and our art; is the House of Attraction; the House of the Triangle.