Nayf and Wavey

Nayf and Wavey is a womxnswear and multicultural streetwear brand creating a platform that celebrates intersectional feminism through diversity, inclusivity, and self-determination in gender, fashion and skateboarding. It is a personal story of influence, feelings, and beliefs transformed into beautifully curated pieces.

Womxn and LGBTQIA+ are universally underrepresented and struggle to reach equality in society. Through the use of two very powerful cultures, I hope to empower and improve the current status quo.

The power of fashion lies in the ability to break gender norms, provoke, and educate society. Throughout history, sexual orientation has been voiced through clothing, style, and behavior. Society uses clothing to visually express ideas about gender identity, bodies, and personalities. We can create a free, open ‘classroom’ within the fashion industry to educate others and encourage non-normative gender presentations for the gender-fluid youth.

The skateboarding culture, a historically white cis-male-dominated space, is seeing groundbreaking, progressive movement as more LGBTQ+ and CIS womxn are carving and creating their own space within the skating culture.

Skateboarding is now a dynamic hot pot of rich diversity that inspires people on national and global levels. It is a tool that connects and builds communities, and like Stevie says in their interview (movie to be published soon), ultimately a toy we play with. Join those of us who l use this powerful ‘wooden toy’ as an engine for global social change!

Skateboarding in New York City has taught me resilience, fostering community, confidence-building and no stereotyping. This is a remarkable platform to nurture a fashion movement for womxn and LGBTQIA+ that activates and captivates from being a truly inclusive culture. We support equality and equity norms, and with the right amount of work, passion and education all of us can create a space that is embracing everyone, regardless of color, sexual orientation or gender.

Welcome to my platform that aims to empower my friends in a place that gives space to their thoughts, needs, and dreams.

Check out our unique handmade sweater and hoodie pieces for everybody. The style is timeless and genderless and serves as a platform to celebrate intersectional feminism, diversity and gender self-determination with the goal of making a global social change.

Let’s hang out with badass womxn and queer skaters and create a better life on a daily basis for everyone.