Malina is a sustainable fashion brand for a woman, who not only want to wear sustainable fashion – she also live it.
The label stands for a modern woman with a conscious lifestyle and a sensitive sense for high quality. Innovative techniques and a timeless design makes the expression of every collection completely and unique. A symbiosis of elements inspired by nature and organic surreality is purposeful for the individual impulse.
In addition to an elegant ready-to-wear collection, the brand creates avant garde lines by handcrafted recycling processes and futuristic techniques. The design language is characterized by sciences research and interdisciplinary collaborations with museums and other artists and designers. Due to the label develops jewellery, shoes and accessories as well.


Sustainable models and ethical behaviour are the heart of the label Malina, because there is no sustainable business without trust. That trust has its origins in the material researching and production chain, which built a responsible business management. A deep passion for organic fabrics and high-processing details are developed at the studio of Malina, so every garment is produced in Germany. The way of working together is focus on human being and includes a sustainable strategy in manufacturing.